Francesco Totti reveals his communication breakdown with Roma coach Luciano Spalletti [TG1]

Francesco Totti has attacked Roma coach Luciano Spalletti.

Now 39, Totti may be on his way out of the playing scene at the Stadio Olimpico, however he still wields an incredible amount of power at the club.

With that as the backdrop, Totti has now revealed to TG1 that his lack of involvement in recent matches is not due to a lack of will or fitness, but rather the decision of Roma coach Luciano Spalletti.

Totti has now relayed the following quotes to the media:

I still feel like a player who is physically in good shape and I want to play.

The injury is behind me now and if I don’t play it is purely down to a tactical decision.

I can’t stay at Roma like this. It hurts to be on the bench. I understand at my age that I play less, but ending my career like this is bad for me as a man and what I’ve given to Roma. I demand more respect for all I’ve done here.

What is my rapport like with Spalletti? We say ‘good morning’ and ‘good evening.’ That’s it. He said such nice things in the papers, but not to my face.

I respect him as a Coach and think he has what it takes to remain at Roma.

My contract expires in June, I await news from (President James) Pallotta and will evaluate the situation.

I expect the fairness of people telling me the reality of the situation and how things really are.