France’s Raymond Domenech used stalling tactics against the Faroe Islands (video)

How Raymond Domenech has remained France’s coach despite Les Bleus often torturous World Cup qualifying campaign remains a seemingly bizarre quirk of fate.

On Saturday the French finally secured their berth in the playoffs with a 5-nil thrashing of the lowly Faroe Islands. However, if the scoreline suggests that the French waltzed into the playoffs at a canter, early footage from Saturday’s qualifier shows just how nervous coach Domenech was after his charges had failed to find the net after almost half an hour of the match.

Midway through the first half the ball exited the field of play straight to Domenech who was standing on the touchline. Immediately the Faroe’s number six, Rogvi Jacobsen, approached the French coach to retrieve possession and hopefully launch a quick attack for the visitors, ranked a pathetic 163th in the FIFA world standings. However, rather than hand the ball in a gentlemanly manner to Jacobsen, Domenech opted to toss the ball out of the player’s reach to afford his galaxy of stars a couple more seconds to compose themselves.

Naturally Jacobsen was less than pleased with Domenech’s behaviour, and the midfielder made his feelings well-known by pushing the French coach before play finally restarted.

Raymond Domenech’s stalling tactics against the Faroe Islands can be seen here.