France Football cover asks “What is Arsene Wenger’s role in the crisis of Arsenal?”

As ever when it comes to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, in the time “The Professor” has been at the club, the best news and analysis on the club often comes from across the Channel.

On Tuesday, the France Football cover, which is one of the most respected magazines in Europe, asks “What is Wenger’s real role in the crisis of results rocking Arsenal?”

The criticism is pretty heavy and will be similar to what many Arsenal fans have been saying in recent days following defeat at bitter rivals Tottenham and with Champions League elimination at Bayern Munich on the horizon.

France Football point to the fact Arsene Wenger cannot delegate which backs up the story doing the rounds over the last few days, that he stopped Steve Bould working with the defence due to the attention it was getting.

They also add that Wenger is too rigid with tactics at Arsenal (something we saw at White Hart Lane on Sunday), has devalued the captain’s armband at the Emirates and lost the ability to spot talent like when he was first at the club.

The French magazine also roll out one of Arsene Wenger’s biggest critics, Stewart Robson who once again lays into the Arsenal boss.

Robson: “What I’ve seen over the last five years, it is the same mistakes, constantly repeated,I still do not see what the game plan Arsene Wenger when his team has the ball.”

The front cover of today’s France Football can be seen below.