Fox Sports slam Steven Gerrard

There has been a lot of pussyfooting around in the press on the subject of Steven Gerrard’s arrest earlier on the week, with most steering clear of outright condemnation until more the facts have been made public.

Not Fox Sports.

Discussing the incident on air, presenter Nick Webster and talking head Steven Cohen tore strips off of the Liverpool captain, while playing up the old English stereotypes of booze, violence and football.

Steven Cohen asked “why is a player of his stature, married with two kids out until 2.30 in the morning.” Laughably, Nick Webster followed that up wondering what should parents should do when their kids ask “what did Steven Gerrard do?”

Pooling Gerrard’s name in with Joey Barton and Lee Bowyer, the show discussed how the “list is seemingly endless” of footballers who get into trouble, concluding that the “English disease” has returned.

Fox Sports’ discussion of Steven Gerrard can be seen here.