Fox News: “Soccer players are terrorists”

To all American soccer fans, hold your head in shame.

Fox News has once again embarrassed not only themselves but left another indelible black mark against all those ignorant American non-soccer fans who try and talk about the beautiful game, with a discussion of whether President Barack Obama’s appointment will aid the US in winning the right to host the World Cup.

Before we attack the details of the opinions aired, it must be pointed out that the Fox News show Red Eye, from which this clip is taken, is generally viewed as a light-hearted forum that dissects a range of pop-culture topics at 3 am on the Fox News network. Nevertheless, while the show clearly doesn’t try and take itself too seriously, the complete nonsense and ignorance of the panel resulted in one of the most low-brow discussions of soccer likely to be seen for some time on TV.

Things went downhill from the moment host Greg Gutfeld farted, “Every couple of years or so someone makes a pronouncement about how soccer will finally make it huge in the US. At what point will these poor misguided souls gonna realise it’s not gonna happen and no-one cares?”

Turning the discussion over the guest Andrew Breitbart, the talking-head who is clearly a complete foreigner to the game announced “we need to stop death before we start to bring in people who are basically terrorists… Every single country where people are kicking a ball around, that’s where the terror starts… If the World Cup happens here we’re talking Black Sunday.”

A range of horrible comments then followed including a woman on the panel, seemingly taking herself far too seriously, recalling the murder of Colombian footballer Andres Escobar as evidence of why Americans should turn their back on soccer.

Amazingly, not one single member of the panel was able to remember that the US hosted World Cup ’94 throughout the entire 4 minute discussion.

Watch the horrible Fox News segment here.