Former Spurs midfielder David Bentley admits to falling out of love with the game, doesn’t plan on returning [Video]

Former Tottenham, Blackburn and Arsenal midfielder David Bentley has said that he fell out of love with football and has no interest in reviving his career as a player.

Without a club since leaving Spurs last June, Bentley told Des Kelly on BT’s Life’s a Pitch that he found football had become robotic, too stats-based and said social media was another reason for his decline of affection towards the beautiful game.

His voice shaking, Bentley appeared to be quite emotional at times, talking about how months passed seemingly without him even noticing but quashed the possibility of a return to playing by saying he didn’t miss it.

After initially going over to Spain for a planned three month break, Bentley has not gone back since. “Three months happened and, my partner, she fell pregnant with twins. And it became sorta, (a situation where) I didn’t wanna take myself away.”

Capped by England seven times, Bentley admitted that he hasn’t played football of any sort in the last few months.