Former Liverpool player Vladimir Smicer is standing in the Czech European elections to fight fat kids

Who remembers Vladimir Smicer?

Now 40, Smicer was a Liverpool player for six seasons from 2009-2005, and the Czech Republic star is now hoping to turn his fame into political points.

Smicer has been named among 25 candidates standing for an obscure Czech party called Vize 2014 (Vision 2014), in a bid to get elected to the European Parliament.

In truth, Smicer is less interested for a career witch as an MEP compared to his wish to see obesity handled in his homeland.

The BBC quote Smicer saying:

It’s not my ambition to be an MEP.  

In the Czech Republic obesity rates among children have quadrupled in the last 15 year. More than half of the adult population of the EU are overweight or obese. Amongst children it’s one in seven. I see it in the kids around me. Fitness isn’t ‘in’.

We’ve got to get our kids away from their computers, tablets and smartphones and get them moving. This is something Europe needs to care about.

Vladimir Smicer will always be remembered as a Liverpool legend after his goal in the historic European Cup final against AC Milan in 2005.