Forget Phil Jones! Edwin van der Sar made the best faces when he was conceding a goal!!

It is safe to say that the face Phil Jones made as Sergio Aguero cracked home Manchester City’s winner at Old Trafford on Monday night, has gone viral.

Pretty much every football website and even those not concerned with the Beautiful Game will have seen Phil Jones’ hilarious facial expression.

What was once “internet banter” is now becoming fairly mainstream with some of the biggest newspapers and websites running the latest Phil Jones gurning expression.

So, the pictures below – which appeared on the always awesome Reddit Soccer page today – are rather timely.

Phil Jones is far from the only footballer to make silly faces when conceding a goal. In fact, former Manchester United goal keeper Edwin van der Sar, now marketing director at Ajax, produced some spectacular expressions during his lengthy career.

VDS was caught making silly faces during his time at United, as well as in goal for Holland and Fulham.

This could of course spawn plenty more picture galleries of professional players looking rather silly. Bring it on, we say…

The Edwin van der Sar crazy facial expressions whilst conceding comes via Reddit &