Forget “Mad” Jens. Now Paul Gothard (Auckland City) takes a slash on the pitch (video)

Jens Lehmann has a copy-cat. Step forward Auckland City’s shot-stopper and fellow on-the-field urinator Paul Gothard.

Just over 10 days ago football fans were shocked to see “Mad” Jans Lehmann relieving himself during Stuttgart’s Champions League match with Unirea Uziceni as the former Arsenal keeper ducked behind the advertising hoardings mid-match to take a crafty slash whilst the play was up the other end of the pitch. (Watch here.)

And now, incredibly, its happened again as Englishman Paul Gothard left his mark on the FIFA Club World Cup fifth-placed playoff with TP Mezembe by taking a piss on the Zayed Sports City Stadium turf in Abu Dhabi. And the way he pulled it off was even more unbelievable as the goalie managed to do his business in full view of the entire stadium.

Seemingly with his bladder about the burst, the former Dagenham and Redbridge goalie sunk to his knees on the turf which allowed him, with almost precision accuracy, to do his business by taking aim without exposing himself. Obviously the big danger for Gothard was to avoid hitting his shorts mid-pee, but from the footage we have it seems that he actually managed to avoid any nasty misdirection that would have left the custodian with unwelcomed wetness during the match.

Footage of  Paul Gothard taking a slash can be seen here.