Footbrawl: Fat blokes fight during Goias versus Atletico Mineiro

Why the hell were these fans all standing around in the same block with no police in sight?

Although violent, something of a comedy brawl broke out in the Copa do Brasil this week during Goias’ 2-nil victory over Atletico Mineiro.

Following the final whistle, around a dozen fans from both of the teams began duking it out in the bleachers.

There were kung-fu kicks, sly hooked punches, and a general no-holds-barred attitude between the brawlers: but the episode also had a comic flavour as most of the combatants were horribly out of shape, sporting man-boobs and other undesirably flab.

The fight also exposed awful stewarding at the match in a much larger perspective.

Only a few days ago Goias received a 120-day fan ban following the killing of 11 football fans at their matched since 2011, yet as these pictures clearly showed, supporters were nevertheless present at the stadium on Wednesday night.

Watch fat blokes brawl during Goias vs Atletico Mineiro here.