Footbrawl: Fans of FC Khimki & FC Volga join forces to attack FC Arzamas fans in a Russian amateur game

Football violence is often premeditated and well-organised, and one of the clearest example of the systematic thuggishness of the phenomenon was captured on film a couple of weeks back in Russia.

FC Arzamas played host to FC Motor in the Russian lower leagues, but the match was disturbed by a shocking punch-up in the stands.

According to local reports a handful of FC Arzamas fans was set upon by ultras from FC Khimki and FC Volga. It goes without saying that neither FC Khimki nor FC Volga were actually involved in the match, and the fact that these hooligans showed up at the game was purely for the violence which ensued.

So what happened.

With around 15 FC Arzamas fans grouped in an empty stand, a gang of thugs all decked out in black attire stormed the bleachers and attacked the supporters. Punches and kicks were easily spotted as the home fans took a beating, and when the attackers were finally done they bullishly made their exit via the running track around the pitch as the chanted in victorious fashion.

Amazingly the FC Arzamas fans were soon back on their feet and, after their players came over to check that they were ok, the match continued until it’s conclusion.

Watch the crazy Russia punch-up below.

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