Footbrawl: A Brazilian footballer attacks a referee before getting arrested on the pitch

Shocking footage of violence has emerged from a lower league Brazilian football match.

Wednesday in the Campeonato Amazonense saw Iranduba take on Sao Raimundo-AM, and home midfielder Volante Derlan completely lost the plot after being sent off in the first half.

After his dismissal, Derlan charged like a raging bull at referee Joao Batista Cunha Brito. Derlan treated the official like a punching bag at a boxing club in a savage beating.

Derlan’s assault, however, was quickly punished. Two riot police arrested the footballer on the spot, and a heavy punishment is now expected to be dished out.

Already Derlan has been suspended for 30 days, however the punishment could be extended to a whopping 720 day suspension depending on the outcome from a domestic tribunal.

Watch Volante Derlan’s insane assault, followed by his arrest, here.

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