Footbrawl: 12 sent off as clubs Votuporanguense & Fernandopolis come to blows in Brazil

Craziness erupted in a lower league Brazilian football match on Sunday as 12 players collected red cards amid a major brawl that was caught on camera.

The problems started after Votuporanguense’s number 11 was scythed down by the Fernandopolis goalie as the hosts looked to swell the scoreline from 2-1.

After committing the blatant foul the Fernandopolis keeper was sent off, but that dismissal failed to move the game on: instead it came to a standstill as the two sides began brawling all over the pitch.

Kung-fu kicks, punches and a brutal assault of the Fernandopolis number five were all recorded on camera as players and substitutes duked it out.

On the bright side, the security officials reportedly halted any fans getting on the pitch which would have made the whole episode that much worse.

Watch the latest Brazilian footbrawl below.

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