Footballers in fair play shocker: Ascoli allow Reggina to score after disputed goal

After Thierry Henry’s “Le Hand of God,” you can excuse many of us for losing a little faith in the Beautiful Game. Serie B today witnessed an extremely rare incident which may make the doubters among us change their minds.

Reggina went to Ascoli and won 3-1 this afternoon but the first and second goal will likely go down in history. In the 14th minute Reginna’s Carlos Valdez attempted to put the ball out of play to be substituted after receiving an injury but Ascoli’s Vincenzo Sommese played on and ran unchallenged down the right to cross for Mirco Antenucci to tap in the opener.

Cue the mayhem. Reginna went mental and the game was held up for several minutes. Andrea Costa received a red card for hitting Sommese but Ascoli’s coach Bepi Pillon (pictured) took the initiative and ordered his side to “let” Reginna score to make up for the misunderstanding.

Biagio Pagano walked the ball in and the game continued at 1-1, with Reginna eventually emerging victorious with two second half goals despite being down to ten men.

The incident can be seen here.