Football World unites behind Paris [Tweets]

The football world (and wider sports world) has united behind France and Paris after the terrible scenes that unfolded in the French capital last night.

Terror attacks were carried out at various organized events, such as the Bataclan theatre, and with the death toll still rising, the whole world has been left reeling in the aftermath of the tragic night.

The Stade de France was also targeted – an explosion was heard during France’s friendly against Germany, and the stadium required an emergency evacuation from the authorities in order to ensure the fans got out safely.

Using the hashtag #PrayForParis, countless football people have expressed their condolences for the families who have lost loved ones.

Antoine Griezmann’s tweet is particularly chilling, as he reports that his sister thankfully escaped from the Bataclan theatre unharmed.

PSG announced that all club events have been cancelled this weekend due to the tragic events.

Pray for Paris.