Football violence: Hadjuk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb

The coming together of Croatia’s two powerhouses this weekend was always likely to be accompanied by scenes of violence as the warring Hadjuk and Dinamo clans prepared for the latest installment in their long running battle between the clubs. And it seems that everyone got what they wanted, as the Dinamo ultras managed to provoke the riot police to enter into their stand and a full blown punch-up was enjoyed by all.

After barely a minute of the game the authorities was called upon as pockets of Dinamo fans lit up flares, with a fire breaking out at the front of the stand. The camera then quickly picked up on the riot police slowly moving into Dinamo seating area, but unlike in most situations, the throngs of hooded Dinamo fans seemed to welcome the boys in blue as if they had manged to lure their prey to the slaughter.

Amazingly, with the fight raging around them, the camera kept switching focus back onto the match that was being played, as if fighting in the stands is normal and acceptable practice and part of the wider action.

Footage of the violence can be seen here.