Football Superstars: Second Life meets footie

All football fans eventually, whether conscientiously or not, wake up one day and realise that while they are committed to the beautiful game, talking about it obsessively and knowing far too much detail about youth team players who are years away from making their debut, they themselves will never live the dream. Football is a soap opera, someone else’s life, where we the fans play our part but with only limited influence on the larger scale.

Seeking to redress the balance, is the new interactive online gaming platform that allows fans to grip on tightly to their dreams of becoming a big-time charlie, having the attention, the WAGS, the fame, and the skills.

So, how does it work?

Football Superstars aims to attract football mad fans to invest hundreds of hours in creating their own footballer avatar, who they hope will rule the online world. In a nutshell, you could be the Ronaldo of the internet world. But the makers of the game have made sure that this will not come easy. Only by competing in matches and raising your profile in a massive multiplayer world populated by real people, will you be able to dominate the game.

Crucially, Football Superstars has stayed true to real life, with simulated football matches being the bread and butter of the game. In doing so, online players gather together, form teams, and play against their rivals. Every player is limited to controlling their own avatar, but everyone reaps in the success of winning games.

Just like in the real world players earn bonuses for goals and wins, which users can then use to buy additional skills, new kit or to increase their stats, all in an effort to take them up to the next level. In addition, “fame points” are on offer that can be cashed in for interview time, which again helps increase a player’s profile and assists them in gaining access to the best entertainment (bars and restaurants) on offer in the virtual world.

While the game remains in its infancy projects continue to be developed, but in the pipeline users can expect the creation of both a life-like real estate market as well as a full array of flash cars will users will be able to buy and sell.

And the best news. It’s all free.

A video showcasing what Football Superstars has to offer can be seen here.