There is a football pitch in Estonia with a massive oak tree in the middle [pictures]

This is slightly random but we all encountered trees when playing football as kids, so this might strike a chord with some of you.

We have been alerted to a rather amusing football pitch in Orissaare, Saaremaa, Estonia, which features an oak tree bang smack in the middle!

This particular oak tree is up for the prestigious prize of “European Tree of the Year 2015”.

It must be the only football pitch on the planet with an oak tree on it.

For the locals in Orissaare, the tree holds special significance as legend claims that not even Stalin’s tractors could remove it!

Arguably the best part of this story is that players use the massive tree for 1-2s and shade during matches!!!

Pictures of the oak tree bang smack in the middle of a football pitch in Estonia can be seen above and below.

All in all, pretty crazy stuff!

Have you ever seen a football pitch with a tree in it? Let us know in the comments…