Real Madrid made sure that Angel Di Maria had anti-Barcelona clause in Man United contract

di maria and messi, el clasico 2014

The latest documents published by Football Leaks are the ones involved in the transfer of Angel Di Maria from Real Madrid to Manchester United in the summer of 2014. A few clauses have caused a stir.

The main point of discussion about the contract is the inclusion of what is being called the anti-Barcelona clause in the English media. It ensures that Madrid’s biggest rivals don’t pull the carpet from under them.

Madrid sold Di Maria for a fee that broke the British transfer record but if the Argentine winger had stayed at Old Trafford and succeeded – rather than leaving after a year – that could have potentially risen to €90 million!

United would have had to qualify for the group stages in every season that he played for them and he would have had to been a Ballon d’Or nominee and winner for that to happen.

The anti-Barcelona clause is initially an anti-La Liga clause. Madrid obviously didn’t want Di Maria to go to a direct rival so they had huge compensatory fees lined up in case Di Maria returned to La Liga on the other side of the Clasico divide. If he went to Barca after one year it would have been €50m. Two years, €40m. Three, €30m.

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