Football Leaks reveal real price Monaco paid Atletico Madrid for Radamel Falcao

Football Leaks is a new website inspired by WikiLeaks, the subversive website run by Julien Assange which leaked top secret political information to the press.

With their severs based in Russia and Lusophone authors, Football Leaks appears to be a very serious operation, dedicated to revealing the dark secrets behind Portuguese football by publishing what look like genuine documents (but could of course by forged).

Jorge Mendes, the most powerful agent in world football, is the main target, and several of his deals are being unearthed by Football Leaks.

Mendes’ dealing of Radamel Falcao has perhaps been the most blatant and flagrant case of ‘football business’, with Mendes hawking the player around Europe with little regard for his playing career.

Mendes secured a move to Monaco in 2013 very much against Falcao’s will, a club he’s still bizarrely owned by, but for whom he’ll probably never play again.

The fee at the time was undisclosed (of course), but was reported at around 60m euros.

According to Football Leaks, Monaco paid 43m euros for the Colombian.

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