Football Fashion: Thierry Henry (NYRB & Arsenal legend) models suits in the new GQ magazine [Pictures]

Is Thierry Henry going to be a model when he finally hangs up his boots?

The New York Red Bulls forward is the lead feature in January’s brand new edition of GQ as the Arsenal hero models suits for the men’s style magazine.

The article in GQ began with the following introduction:

It’s been a while since Paris has set the tone for the look of our suits. (Usually Milan, London, or New York does that.)

But this spring, designers from all over the world are paying homage to the très-minimal precision and dark colors of French businessmen. So we asked soccer legend Thierry Henry to translate the look of his native country to the streets and bistros of his current home, New York City.

See pictures of NYRB and Arsenal legend Thierry Henry looking very cool in GQ below.


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