Football Art: The best skills of Thierry Henry (Arsenal & New York Red Bulls) in a flipbook

Arsenal and New York Red Bulls fans will love this!

Over the past few months we have featured flipbooks for the likes of Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and now the good people at KickTV have jumped on the bandwagon for French legend Thierry Henry.

As explained by KickTV on their YouTube page:

With 400 goals to his name, we went one step further. Experience Thierry’s brilliance through the mixed lenses of video, hand drawn flipbook art, and motion graphic animation. 

Titi also happens to be a fan of Old-school Hip Hop. We thought it fitting to use the music track “Work” by the late, great Guru a.k.a Gang Starr as the backdrop, because Henry out thinks, out classes, and out works his opponents. 

Watch the best skills of Arsenal and New York Red Bulls hero Thierry Henry in a flipbook below.


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