Man United fans chanting, abusing passersby & Liverpool on streets of Munich pre-Bayern [Video]

Kudos to Yotuber PI ALFA for capturing this high-quality footage of Man United fans preparing for the Bayern game in Munich last Wedneday.

Described as an ‘Amsterdam United’ fan, the guy covertly followed the Red Army around the streets and pubs of Munich as they oiled themselves up for the battle ahead, with renditions of such classics as ‘Soskjaer, You Are My Solskjaer’, ‘Viva Ronaldo’, and ‘Wayne Rooney White Pele’ (first clip above).

Later on the second clip though (below), we see the darker side of the Brit Abroad emerge, as the old friend alcohol begins to take hold.

One well-oiled United fan approaches a set of Bayern fans for what starts out as healty banter, but he then starts spewing hate about Liverpool, telling the Bavarians that they’re ‘murdering, thieving bastards’. Classy.

Later, we see two young United fans accost a young German in the street, one of them inciting the guy for ignoring them with a vile ‘Fuck off you cunt!, and threateningly going after him.

With so much alcohol, hate and tension in the air, what’s remarkable is the permissiveness and lack of police presence on the streets, as some of this stuff could have easily turned ugly.

The atmosphere was awesome to be fair en route to the game, with both sets of fans making the metro rock with their chanting.