‘Follow My Incredible Journey’: Deluded @TotallyManU is offically funniest ITK account around

Twitter is ITK accounts, young men living in their mother’s basements claiming to be a Man About Town who’s got all the lastest news through the grapevine.

A day doesn’t pass without a new account claiming to be the next big thing being created, but @TotallyManU is now the King of these accounts.

The anonymous ‘CEO’ opened the account with the bombastic announcement that he’d quit his job to start this new venture, and has called on United fans everywhere to ‘follow his incredible journey.

Claiming to have ‘representatives’ who are trying to get in touch with Ed Woodward, and that he’s going to fly to Madrid to get the latest news on Di Maria, while he also hosted a poorly attended Instagram party.

After a few days of being mercilessly trolled (he brought it on himself) the CEO has now declared that it’s all been a waste of time, telling his followers to now ‘fuck off all of you’.

If it’s not a total pisstake and parody of ITK accounts, then it’s not just pathetic, it’s genuinely a bit disconcerting.

But with 6,000 + followers from just 30 Tweets, you can’t argue with his numbers!

Check out the best of @TotallyManU’s CEO’s tweets below.