Fog Almighty: Another woefully bad refereeing decision is eventually overturned by the elements

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot say for certainty from which Italian league this footage is taken, but we do know the match was between Sporting Arenella and Tiger Brolo earlier this week. If you have any additional information, please fill in the blanks in the comments.

With Sporting Arenella chasing down promotion, the match exploded into life 12 minutes in. Tiger keeper Monica collected the ball in his area without noticing home striker Minnone sneakily running behind the keeper’s back. Then, with the keeper holding the ball with just one hand, Minnone was clearly seen illegally knocking the keeper’s hand so that the ball fell from the number one’s grasp. Once released, Minnone stole the ball and stuck it in the net. Think Gary Crosby, but a more blatant foul.

Incredibly the clear-as-day infringement was missed by the Italian officials, the goal was awarded, Minnone lost the plot in wild celebrations with his teammates, while the visitors lost the plot as the injustice was upheld.

Amazingly there was a twist to the story showing that, just sometimes, cheats do not prosper.

After ten minutes of the second half a thick fog reportedly descended onto the pitch, forcing the match officials to abandon the match entirely with a replay having to be scheduled as the result was annulled. A coincidence or proof of a higher power?

Footage of the disgraceful goal by Sporting Arenella striker Minnone can be seen here.