Fluminense striker Fred is so popular he can pick up women on the motorway

Only in Brazil!

Fluminense striker Fred is not only known for his scoring exploits on the pitch (20 goals in the Campeonato Brasileiro last season) but also as a womaniser off the field.

The video below has started doing the rounds in Brazil, showing Fred in the car with some friends, stopped by the side of a motorway in Belo Horizonte.

According to reports, Fred did not know the woman on the bike before pulling up alongside her and she exclaims her excitment at meeting the Brazil striker: “Ah, I don’t believe it.”

Despite Fred telling one of his companions to delete the video, it appeared on YouTube on Monday and there are suspicions that the whole episode was planned for a later video or advertising campaign.

Yet, this was not a lasting relationship (surprisingly) as Fred was spotted kissing and flirting with yet more women at the Rio Carnival on Sunday.