Florent Fail: Chelsea’s Malouda loses the ball and then drops a lyrical stinker

Why do some footballers always crave the limelight even when it’s clearly to their own disadvantage.

Having burst into life during the second half of the season despite sporting one of the most ridiculous barnets in the game, Florent Malouda has again reminded audiences of some of his lesser qualities by embarrassing himself while on holiday in French Guinea. Attending a Fantan Mojah concert the footballer was brought on stage by the reggae artist with the Chelsea man taking part in a few cringeworthy episodes.

Things began badly when Malouda, ball in hand, was brought onto the stage to show off his twinkle toes. Almost instantly the Blues’ number 15 lost possession to the chunky opponent – a middle-aged singer dressed in a waistcoat and trousers. Mojah then started showing off his own showboats against Malouda, until Florent flung himself into an unnecessary sliding tackle on his opponent. Even worse, Malouda failed to win back the ball.

The incident can be seen here.

After underperforming with the ball, Malouda then headed further south on the mic. Asked to sing the opening lines to Mojah’s “How Can I Be Ungrateful?” Malouda’s attempt at singing was horribly bad, but thankfully it only lasted for several seconds.

Malouda’s horror attempt at singing can be seen here.

(Dirty Tackle)