Flamengo release video evidence of Ronaldinho breaking curfew following his departure to Atletico Mineiro

“At the worst I arrived at training tired sometimes, which is what happens to many players. But I have always been professional and never arrived at a session in an unsuitable state to train. I have played nearly every game for the club this year.” – Ronaldinho.

For some time there were claims from Ronaldinho’s camp that the buck-toothed wonder had not been paid by Flamengo, finally earlier this week enough was enough and he walked out on the Rio giants.

The war of words has been severe between Ronaldinho and Flamengo with the former claiming 20 million dollars in unpaid wages and image rights whilst the club have alleged heavy drinking and turning up in no fit state to train.

Now Flamengo have released video of Ronaldinho leaving a pre-match concentration to meet up with a lady friend and this evidence seems set to be used in court when the club and player meet again.

Ronaldinho has in the meantime signed for Atletico Mineiro and has already been banging in the free-kicks during training.

Ronaldinho’s nocturnal habits during a Flamengo concentration are here.