Flamboyant Bundesliga ref has a unique way of showing a double yellow card

Referee Thomas Metzen carved himself a bit of footballing folklore on Sunday by arguably brandishing the most over-the-top pair of yellow cards ever seen on a football pitch.

The setting was the Stadion am Bruchweg, hosting the Bundesliga II match between FSV Mainz and St. Pauli. With halftime approaching, the match was stopped for a Mainz free-kick that midfielder Miroslav Karhan took quickly, smacking the ball straight into the legs of Florian Bruns (who had his back turned at the time) causing the opposition player to end up prostrate on the floor.

Waiting for Bruns to get back on his feet, ref Metzen stood over both players leading up to his big moment, dipped his hands into his chest pockets, before flamboyantly whipping out two yellow cards – one with each hand – in order to book the players.

Perhaps the best description of how the yellow cards were brandished was given by St. Pauli coach Holger Stanislawski, saying “that was Django-style, like the Wild West.”

It what will undoubtably become a YouTube classic, watch Thomas Metzen’s unique style in displaying the double yellow card here.

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