Fighting talk! Brazil captain Thiago Silva hits back at criticism over referee controversy v Croatia

Brazil captain Thiago Silva has hit back at critics in the aftermath of the controversy in their World Cup opening game against Croatia.

Brazil were awarded a soft penalty, could have had Neymar sent off and Croatia had a goal disallowed. But Silva was not in the mood to have his team’s victory belittled.

Here are some excerpts of an interview he gave, courtesy of Selecao Brasileira on Twitter: “Croatian coach saying it’s not a penalty? Then go tell him that if you remove the penalty, the score stays 2-1 for Brazil. With or without the penalty, Brazil would have won the game. I’m sure. I won’t reply to bitter people making excuses.”

He added: “Penalty or no? If the Croatians have a problem with it, it’s their problem, not mine. I’m concentrated on Mexico game. Instead of Croatia coach moaning on ref, he should check his tactical deficit. He was busy marking players, and left Neymar alone.”

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