FIFA President Sepp Blatter sticks up for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez: ‘I hope he can have his soccer career back’

Less than a week after FIFA banned Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for four long months plus nine international matches, President Sepp Blatter has issued quotes supporting the Uruguayan biter at an event in Rio De Janeiro.

Blatter praised Suarez for saying sorry for biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, telling reporters:

He said ‘I’m sorry’ to the soccer family, and that’s fair play too. That shows he’s a great player and I hope he can have his soccer career back.

In a separate statement made on camera on Wednesday in Brazil, Blatter was also thought to be referencing the Suarez incident when he remarked:

Ok. [The World Cup] is not perfect. There are always some incidents, because human beings make errors.

Players make errors. Coaches make errors. Referees make errors. But [that’s] the human face of football. Let them do this. Let them do this.

See Sepp Blatter’s latest comments at the World Cup below, which also include the FIFA President almost breaking out into a rendition of “when the Saints going marching in” live on stage.