FIFA open investigation against Costa Rica for jeering US national anthem & other trolling

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So it looks like Los Ticos, in the form of their their FA Fedut, are gonna pay the price for excessive trolling of the United States of America.

Surprisingly, the aggressive, close-to-the-limit trolling deployed pre-game, like the Dantean welcome at the airport, or purposely neglecting to supply the US with adaquete training facilities, has nothing to do with it;  rather, FIFA have taken exception to the incidents that occured just before and during the game.

Notably, the jeering and catcalling of the Stars and Stripes by the Costa Rican fans.

Other misdemeanours include a rogue laser shone on US coach Jurgen Klinsmann, and the suggestion of simulation by Joel Campbell in getting the US’ Matt Beasler booked.

President of the Fedut Eduardo Li told Encuentro Deportivo radio show “We will pay the fine, yes. But they ought to sanction the rest of the countries that have committed the same mistake.”

After winning the game 3-1, Li would most probably happily travel to Zurich personally to pay a petty fine for such an elaborately executed trolling campaign!

A Costa Rican news report into the investigation, with Joel Campbell’s alleged simulation, can be seen below, while Los Ticos keeper Patrick’s incensed reaction (‘What did they expect after Denver? This is football…they’re using their economic power’), can be seen on the second.

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