FC Astra President Dinu Gheorghe slyly trips Otelul’s Armando Cooper on the side of the pitch [Video]

Romania is one of those countries where club President’s lurk with entitlement on the side of the pitch.

FC Astra Giurgiu President Dinu Gheorghe is one such omnipotent club owner, who loiters around the side of the pitch when he feels like it.

And during last night’s game against Otelul Galati, he was feeling mischievous, and decided to intervene in the play.

When Otelul’s Armando Cooper crossed his path on the side of the pitch, Gheorghe stuck out a foot and slyly tripped the player, who was rightly incensed and had to be dragged away before things turned ugly.

Which was probably a good thing in the end.

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