Fatso Ronaldo flops in Corinthians fitness test

Ronaldo’s return to the world of football is proving to be a long and hard slog, with the Brazilian failing to seem capable of shifting any of his excess weight which he piled on during his 10-month absence from the game due to injury.

At the weekend his new side Corinthians put the real-Ronaldo through his paces at training, but those who wanted to see some speed were left bitterly disappointed.

The signs were less than encouraging, as the Brazilian struggled to keep up with the pace, appearing sluggish and tired, while reportedly coming last out of the 28 squad members during resistance and speed work exercises.

Trying to put a positive spin on Ronaldo’s fitness, Corinthians’ fitness coach Flavio de Oliveira told reporters “We always knew Ronaldo wouldn’t fare as good as the other players, however he will get better with time and we are sure of this. He just needs plenty of training to recover from his injury.”

Footage of Ronaldo’s latest training session can be seen here.