Fat Brazilian striker Adriano (31) makes his return to football at training with Atletico-PR [Video]

Adriano has not played a competitive match since March 2012, however if the former Inter Milan, Parma and Roma striker is going to have one final chapter in his footballing career then his current training regime is crucial.

Adriano, now 31, has taken his first significant step in his road to recovering his match fitness as the chunky attacker took part in Atletico-PR training this week.

While Adriano is training with Atletico-PR, it should be pointed out that the striker has not signed a deal with the club.

Happily Adriano was wearing a big purple top during the session, which made spotting the attacker easily identifiable, but in all truth it wasn’t too difficult to miss the striker and he generally moved slowly around the pitch.

What does seem clear from the short clip below though is that despite his large midriff, the former Brazilian international forward still has one hell of a hammer of a left foot.

Watch footage of Adriano making  his return to football at training with Atletico-PR below.