LOLZ! Fans of Polish amateur team Victorii Kaluszyn become a YouTube smash after trolling a linesman

This video is coming up for 70,000 views on YouTube already, and it’s pretty obvious why it’s getting so much love.

Victorii Kaluszyn, an amateur team in Poland, appear to have a limited but diehard group of fans if their website is anything to go by. Priding themselves on being “Against Modern Football”, the small club are blessed with a gang of supporters who chronicle all their team’s activities on the pitch, as well as all the supporters antics on the sidelines.

Several weeks back the Victorii Kaluszyn fans uploaded a video onto the internet, and it’s now gaining significant traction.

The short clip captures a group of around 15 Victorii Kaluszyn fans mimicking a linesman’s every move: literally running up the touchline behind the official and mirroring every single step he took.

Watch the funny footage below.

[jwplayer config=”For-all-videos” mediaid=”249909″]

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