Fans of German side St. Pauli are experiencing football utopia [Video]

Oft-repeated as it is, only numpties truly believe that the English top flight is the best league in the world.

With the way clubs regard fans and the poor quality in comparison to their continental rivals, the Premier League is no great shakes.

On the balance of things, the Bundesliga would have to be deemed the triumphant division and if you dig below the surface, a league lower, you’ll find football utopia in Germany.

St. Pauli are a great example of how a football club should be run.

Born out of love, the club’s fans are left-wing punks who won’t stand for racism, sexism or homophobia. Intolerance of any kind won’t be tolerated.

As this Copa 90 feature shows, St. Pauli are a club that stand up for what they believe in and haven’t entered into the rat race that modern football has become.