Fan takes selfie with Jose Mourinho in the stands during Chelsea 4 – Cardiff 1

Is this one of the all-time great “selfie” pictures?!

Sean Buxton on Twitter describes himself as a Chelsea fan from Essex and told his followers on Saturday afternoon that he was “En route to the bridge.”

Little could he have known what would happen during Chelsea’s 4-1 rout over Cardiff, despite the Welsh side taking the lead.

After Chelsea had gone 2-1 up, Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands by referee Anthony Taylor cue the Stamford Bridge crowd singing:

“He sits where he wants, he sits where he wa-a-ants, Jose Mourinho, he sits where he wants.”

And lucky Sean Buxton was able to take the picture alongside Mourinho, much to the amazement of Twitter!

Buxton later Tweeted: “He’s taking the piss with the leg room!”