Fan footage: The abuse handed out to Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez v Manchester City

Few things bond football fans closer than hatred.

Appearing to feed off each other’s anger on Sunday, large swathes of Chelsea supporters happily booed, jeered and cursed out their new interim manager Rafael Benitez as the Spaniard sat in the Stamford Bridge dugout for the first time since the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo.

Even before Benitez had the opportunity to warm his seat, the Chelsea supporters made sure the Spaniard knew he wasn’t welcome at their club.

As the PA announcer welcome Benitez over the sound system before kick-off, a huge, loud chorus of boos bellowed from the Blues’ fans as they made plain their displeasure at having the former Liverpool manager in charge of their west London club.

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The fact was however, that long before kick off several Chelsea fans were intent on making sure the message of hatred towards Benitez was spread as widely as possible.

A group of Chelsea fans were filmed standing outside Fulham Broadway Station with a large ‘Rafa Out’ banner, trying to encourage their fellow fans to sing a hastily made song of We don’t care about Rafa. He don’t care us. All we care about is Chelsea FC!”

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It should be pointed out though that not all Chelsea fans abused Benitez on Sunday.

Prior to the game, as the Chelsea squad were leaving a hotel to make their way to Stamford Bridge, a throng of fans waited patiently to get a glimpse of their new Spanish boss and the Blues players. When Benitez arrived on the scene the fans politely requested their new gaffer’s autograph, and it was noticeable how all fans, when face-to-face with the Spaniard, treated him with the utmost respect.

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