Fans Footage: Manchester United’s Ashley Young spotted bouncing and cheering with fan at St. James’ Park

Manchester United forward Ashley Young, currently sidelined with a knee injury, travelled to St. James’ Park last weekend to watch the Red Devils win 3-0 at Newcastle.

Rather than watching the match in the comfort of a box or some other executive seat, Young chose to experience the ocassion amongst all the regular Manchester United supporters by sitting high in the gods in the top tier of the Sir John Hall Stand.

Ashley Young seemed to make a concerted effort to attract as little attention as possible, adopting the clothing style of South Park’s Kenny wearing a heavy green coat with the hood drawn down.

Nevertheless Young was spotted, and on the following piece of footage it seems that the footballer was more than happy to let himself go at he club claimed another three points this season.

With the match drawing to a close, and with Newcastle fans checking out before the final whistle, the clip recorded Ashley Young bouncing energetically in the crowd, arms waving, and joining in the triumphant chant of “Cheerio! Cheerio! Cheerio!”

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(Picture credit to @DavePipCollins)