Faker of the Week: Daiki Iwamasa (Kawasaki Frontale) v Nagoya Grampus Eight

Keep your eyes at the top left of the screen throughout the footage.

Last week Nagoya Grampus Eight advanced to the Asian Championship League semi-finals after progressing past fellow J-Leaguers Kawasaki Frontale. However the match almost boiled over at the break as Kawasaki number three Daiki Iwamasa faked having been shot in the chest, only to make a dramatic recovery once the defender was forced off the sidelines.

The incident came about after Iwamasa was involved in a seemingly incidental coming-together with opposition forward Josh Kennedy. The Aussie appears to accidentally elbow the defender in his lower belly, only for Iwamasa to milk the episode for all it was worth by dramatically rolling around on the floor clutching his atomach as if his insides were about to spill out.

Obviously little was wrong with Iwamasa, and after failing to get his opponent booked the defender made a series of passionate and ineffective protests to the non-interested officials for more action to be taken against Kennedy. None, quite correctly, arrived.

Daiki Iwamasa’s embarrassing histrionics can be seen here.