Awkward! French Sports Minister introduces the real Ronaldo to a crowd of press, she called him Cristiano

Valerie Fourneyron is the dumb-dumb of the day.

On Thursday France’s Sports Minister attended a presentation for the 2014 World Cup organised by the Embassy of Brazil located in Paris, and amongst the attendees was Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

Mrs. Fourneyron took the mic in order to speak to the crowd and introduce her star World Cup winning guest, but she suffered a FAIL as she referred to the Brazilian hero as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s face was a picture as the French Minister bungled her lines, whilst the rest of her speech was hugely awkward as fumbled her way to closing her trap.

Valerie Fourneyron has since apologised for her error on Twitter.

Watch the French Sports Minister embarrass herself and Ronaldo below.