Facts Fail: American talk-show host credits David Beckham with three World Cup titles (video)

Wednesday night in America saw David Beckham make his latest TV appearance as Goldenballs sat down with Latino talk show host George Lopez to bring him up to speed with all the latest goings-on.

Now, while we all know that many Stateside only have a passing knowledge of the beautiful game, we’d like to have thought that when it came to knowing the details about a guest such as Beckham, the research staff could at least make sure that they got basic facts right.

Sadly they failed to do so.

Having negotiated a simple enough opening segment discussing Posh & Becks’ social life in Los Angeles, talk then moved onto soccer. And it wasn’t long before host Lopez showed his complete ignorance of all things football as the presenter fumbled through the line “You still practice as if you weren’t know globally or if you hadn’t won World Cups.” Perhaps more surprisingly than Lopez’s screw-up though was that Beckham failed to put the host straight on national TV as he simply acknowledged the statement with a “yeah” before talking up his own work ethic on and off the pitch.

Not only did Lopez Tonight get their facts wrong live on air, but the show’s website continue to spout that Beckham is a World Cup winner, writing “George welcomed the most famous soccer player in the world, three-time world cup winner David Beckham.” (See here.)

The facts fail can be seen here, while the other two segments from the show can be seen here and here.