Face-Ache & Spitting Mad: Benfica and Sporting Libson’s fierce futsal battle (video)

Sunday in Portugal saw local powerhouses Benfica and Sporting Lisbon face-off in the quarter-finals of the national futsal cup, and the match was soured by a couple of unsavoury incidents between the rival teams.

The first incident arose when Benfica keeper Leo tried to retrieve the ball from a Lisbon fan behind his goal, only for the goalie to have the ball thrown into his face from close range and leaving the player rolling around on the floor as if he’d been shot.

But that wasn’t the worst thing to be caught on camera.

After a brief exchange of words between Benfica coach Andre Lima and Sporting’s leading goalscorer Cardinal on the sidelines, the Lisbon striker was caught hocking a loogie at the Eagles manager in a disgusting act of unprofessionalism. Fortunately for Lima the spit appeared to miss him, but that didn’t stop the coach from grabbing hold of his eye as if he too had been taken out by a sniper.

Both incidents can be seen here.