Fabio Coentrao cried alongside Ronaldo & Nani as his move to Man United collapsed [Record]

Portuguese newspaper Record have splashed Fabio Coentrao on the front page of their paper on Wednesday with the headline:

Coentrao sofreu a chorou por ficar no Real (rough translation: Coentrao wept after failing to move from Real)

In a brilliant article from José Carlos Freitas, Record paint a picture of Fabio Coentrao sitting alongside Real Madrid teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United’s Nani as the trio stayed up watching TV on to see if the Portuguese international defender would move between their clubs from the Santiago Bernabeu to Old Trafford.

According to Freitas:

It was a night of suffering, great tension, nerves and crying forFabio Coentrao on Monday in Obidos where the Portuguese national staying.

When we arrived in the early afternoon, it was impossible to imagine that by the end of the day there would be such torment for Portugal and Real Madrid’s left back, who turned out to be the protagonist of the biggest failed transfer in the last hours of the market. 

And at the end of the night Coentrao leaned on the shoulders of his friends in the entourage of the FPF.

A copy of the front page of Record on Wednesday can be seen below.