Fabio Capello plays down the signifance of the “Capello Index” (video)

Instead of focusing on players, England pre-World Cup preparations have today been rocked by the news that manager Fabio Capello has launched a new website which will publicly evaluate player performances within two hours of matches during the World Cup.

The controversy surrounding the Index is two fold; firstly there is the issue that Don Fabio is already contracted and well remunerated for being the England manager, and question marks are being levelled at the Italian for starting this new business venture at this crucial time. Second, many are concerned that the England manager will now make his thoughts public on player performances in a very crass, point-scoring manner, which could affect team morale and relationships between teammates.

Looking to downplay the fears, Fabio Capello has since spoken to the BBC in an effort to put the public’s mind at risk.

Capello: “I think there are problems which you have solutions for when you pick players… What happened during training. What happened in the dressing room. What happened in different moments. This is very important when you choose the players… You have to create the spirit of the group if you want to win. Sometimes some good players are not good for the group… You have to value different things… I use the Index, but the way in which you select player is completely different.”

So does the Capello Index have any real significance? And if it doesn’t, what’s the point?

Fabio Capello’s attempt to defend his Index can be seen here, while a BBC report into the concerns around the Index can be seen here.