Explaining Jose Mourinho, Custard Creams and Irish TV3 interviewer Trevor Welch

It was one of the many clips that went viral in the aftermath of Chelsea’s victory over Paris Saint Germain on Tuesday evening.

What most of us saw was the Vine video, or short YouTube clip of Irish TV3 interviewer Trevor Welch offering Jose Mourinho a pocket of Custard Creams to celebrate Chelsea’s late Demba Ba-inspired win.

Mourinho accepted them obligingly but the clip did not hint at the history the pair have together…

In 2010, when Jose Mourinho led his then Inter Milan side to Champions League victory over Chelsea, Welch had gone to interview The Special One.

But, Welch had to hold the questioning in a famous old clip which saw the Portuguese boss finish off his favourite Custard Creams before answering.

Today, Trevor Welch has explained the thinking behind last night’s move to give Jose the Custard Creams.

He told The Score: “I had bought the biscuits in Cork and put them into my bag. I left them in my bag then in the flash area where we do the interviews afterwards. When I knew then I was going to get him I thought I might do it. He was down to do five broadcasters and I was in the top five, if you like, and knew I was getting him. I slipped the biscuits into my suit pocket, the PA person told me I was getting three questions so after third question I produced them, and said on behalf of TV3, tonight the custard creams are on us.”

Welch added: “I think I caught him by surprise, to be honest. He moved on to the next interview and I was kind of standing across the way and he looked over at me smiling and nodding as in ‘I remember you alright’. And I just gave him a little wave. I was doing the Gary Cahill interview then and I could feel the mobile hopping; stuff like, ‘I loved that, magic’ and ‘only you’d get away with it’. It was pre-planned but it was a bit of opportunism as well as it took a bit to execute I suppose.”

The 2010 Custard Cream interview is below. And last night’s is above.