Exhibitionist flashes during Monterrey-Cruz Azul & then sells her clothes for charity (video)

A warning for any purists out there. If you don’t appreciate the sight of a woman flashing her breasts then look away now.

For everyone else, come join the party!

Mexican television audiences got a little more than they bargained last weekend during the live broadcast of the Monterrey-Cruz Azul match as Catherine Leah Spencer, a 30-year-old American citizen, had men clambering around their TV sets as she was caught whipping out her boobs on several occasions.

Repeatedly lifting up her shirt to the humour and entertainment of all those around her, blonde Ms. Spencer became an instant Mexican celebrity as she showed off her flesh to the Mexican public.

After the match Ms. Spencer was slapped with a $600 fine for her public nudity, but she has since reportedly found an ingenious way of recouping the money as she announced plan to auction off her hat and top for charity.

Footage of the incident, complete with comedy smiley face to help protect Ms. Spencer’s last threads of modesty, can be seen here.

As a bonus, video footage of Ms. Spencer explaining how people can bid for her hat and shirt can be seen here.