Excruciating TV: Dirk Kuyt’s confrontation with a police horse

Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt, veteran (cheesy) presenter Jim Rosenthal and Channel Five were the chief protagonists in one of the most excruciating pieces of football television seen in England for some time on Thursday night.

It has taken us a little while to locate this clip but it is comedy gold, first Rosenthal introduces Kuyt and before asking him anything about Liverpool’s impending Europa League match with Napoli, they discuss the fact a police horse sat on the Dutchman’s car.

Kuyt first attempts one lame joke: “thank god not another injury,” followed by his admission that “the horse maked a big smack (sic).”

Rosenthal and presumably the Channel Five producers then take things a little further, asking Kuyt if he would recognise the horse whilst panning to shots of police horses outside Anfield.

When asked which one it might be, the defensive forward answers “the one with the fat arse” at which Rosenthal guffaws like he has heard a funny joke.

Rosenthal then apologises for speaking about the police horse first up as this is a “story that you can’t ignore” and later in the programme the veteran presenter plumbs the depths even further with one of the worst Dutch language related jokes you are ever likely to hear.

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Footage of Dirk Kuyt and Jim Rosenthal discussing police horses is here.


Sticking with Liverpool, the much maligned Lucas Leiva had a storming game for the Reds against Chelsea yesterday, his individual highlights are on this video.

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