Ex-Man United boss David Moyes holidays in Bermuda, rumours of alleged antics posted on Reddit

When’s the last time David Moyes got some good press?

Potential harmful rumours are spreading around social media sites after former Manchester United boss Moyes was spotted on holiday in Bermuda over the weekend.

Two pictures have been put on Twitter showing the unemployed Scottish boss happily posing for pictures with fans.

Whilst Moyes clearly did the gentlemanly thing taking the snaps with the random holiday-makers, some of the comments on the tweets weren’t all that kind to the former Old Trafford gaffer.

The narrative worsens, however, on Reddit, in an entry marked “So David Moyes shows up in a Bar in Bermuda here on Saturday, Gets hammered drunk and shifts some young one at the bar in a night club here. What a man! (photo from said night)”.

Pictures of David Moyes in Bermuda, plus edits from the Reddit page revealing the former Man United manager’s alleged antics in the Caribbean, are below.

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